25 Quick Ways To Make Money Online (Step By Step Directions with Pictures)


Did you know that you could be earning extra income without compromising your 9 to 5 job? Who would have guessed that there are these small tasks on the internet that pay enough for the effort? My guess is that you’re reading this on your phone or computer which is exactly what you need. Check out these amazingly easy ways of earning money on the side

METHOD 1: Make Money by Uploading Videos on Your YouTube Channel

HOW IT WORKS: Signing up to be a partner program of YouTube will open not one but TWO doors of income opportunities. First, make money when you get to make people watch your vids. Second, you get paid when you advertise products and services when you get sponsored.

WHY COMPANIES PAY FOR THIS SERVICE: You’ll be helping companies to have their products be more visible. And your video contents will increase the traffic on their website.


1. Sign up for an account on YouTube and make your YouTube Channel. If you don’t have a Google account, start by making one because it’s a prerequisite for a YouTube account. Both accounts don’t ask for fees when you sign up.

2. Make entertaining and engaging videos, it can even be controversial. You want to get the attention of many people. This might be the greatest hurdle you have to overcome. After taking videos, you might have to get someone to edit them for you. But if you’re planning to be a Youtuber for a long time, it might be a good idea to learn how to edit them by yourself, too.

3. Upload your videos and get noticed. People will not watch your videos if you don’t promote it. Have your friends recommend it to their friends. You can also use what social media accounts you have to be more visible. Facebook is a good platform for this. To get more clicks, you might want to have eye-catching video thumbnails done for cheap.

4. Get yourself established as a YouTuber by uploading four thousand watch hours and getting a thousand subscribers. If you accomplish these two goals within a year, you will be notified and be a certified partner of YouTube. If you have interesting contents, people will be sharing your vids on social media accounts which gets you more exposure.

5. As a certified YouTube partner, money will move into your bank account every time your video uploads are watched. Take advantage of your subscribers; mention and promote products because you just might snag yourself a sponsorship or two.


Anyone who can make interesting or controversial contents can put up a YouTube account free of charge.


You always have to upload videos on a regular basis and please your audience, so that they talk about your channel on their social media account or else you’ll lose to your competitors.

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METHOD 2: Earn Money Online by Being an Affiliate Marketer

HOW IT WORKS: Put a product link on your social media accounts and websites, and get yourself a commission every time someone clicks on the link and a successful purchase is made.

WHY COMPANIES PAY FOR THIS SERVICE: Companies can trace back the sales that were made possible by you. You advertise for them, and they give you credit by sending you a percentage.


1. Check out products from your niche market. The products should align with what things you talk about on your platforms and sites.

2. Carefully elect which items are worth promoting and you would like to advertise. While it may seem to be a good idea, don’t sign up for too many affiliate programs. It would all be in vain if you wouldn’t be able to keep up with all the promotions. Focusing on only one or two means you can undivided attention and time for them.

3. Look for companies that are in need of affiliate marketers. Be an affiliate with the best affiliate programs. Search for them on the internet.

4. Check your inbox where your assigned link is waiting for you. Companies will need to know which sales are attributed to your link, so you’ll be getting a unique link.

5. Paste the link of the products on your social media accounts. You need to be on the right platform that has the traffic you need to see your ads. The more social media accounts you have the better.

6. You better make some noise and get people talking about the product. You can write articles, make reviews, or make a compilation of testimonies from its users or experts. You can shoot videos and convince people to buy the product directly or implicitly.

7. Get commissions with every verified purchase traced to your link. Verified purchases will prompt the company to forward payments to your account. Companies offer different percentages.

8. Keep on promoting and pasting that link. The more people your ad reaches the more chances you earn. You have to continue promoting and look for tools to be efficient.


Affiliate marketing equates to flexible working schedule as it’s a passive income source and the best part is that signups are for free.


You must work your way up, so it’s preferable to start with one or two affiliate programs.

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METHOD 3: Get Paid When You Test Apps

HOW IT WORKS: Download and test a mobile app and give your feedback. You’ll get some money into your account after your review is screened and approved.

WHY COMPANIES PAY FOR THIS SERVICE: First of all, your feedback will be used to tweak and make improvements on their mobile apps. It’s some sort of beta testing that allows the companies to gather firsthand information about their apps. Secondly, your comments and reviews are some sorts of advertisement for their products and services.


1. Start by hunting for testing companies that pay app testers on the internet. There are plenty of app testing platforms which are affiliated with app developers. Check out their criteria and see if you are qualified to be one.

2. Fill out forms and sign up to be a tester for free. Depending on which operating system your smartphone or tablet has, you’ll be given either android apps or iOS apps to test out. They’ll also consider your interest and which demographics you fit in. 

3. Await instructions via email. Based on how you answered the questions during signup, you’ll be receiving emails giving you details on how to proceed. For the most part, you must give your honest thoughts about a mobile app.

4. Follow instructions to test the app. You have to keep a log of the things you find and encounter while testing the app. You might be tasked to look for bugs. Instructions may vary depending on which app you’ll be assigned to test.

5. Give your honest feedback whether it’s positive or negative. You don’t have to kiss anyone’s ass. You can be honest with your thoughts. Being thorough and straightforward will give a hand to app developers to up their game and beat their competitors.

6. Wait for payments to reflect on your account. App developers have already forwarded payments to the testing companies, so you’ll be receiving payments from the testing companies once you’re the test you took is approved. Payments usually depend on how complex the task is.


You can test apps during your free time as some of them takes only less than thirty minutes to complete which isn’t so bad to make extra cash on the side.


Aspiring testers are screened by testing companies which means you will not always be chosen to test an app, and workload is subject to availability.

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METHOD 4: Answer Surveys and Get Paid For It

HOW IT WORKS: Completing a survey can get you paid.


People would usually doubt answering surveys as a means of earning extra money. Is it really possible to earn by sharing your opinions?

Well, yes. Especially if you take into account the fact that these companies also depend on feedback to make necessary upgrades on their products and ads to boost their sales. These companies might not have a staff dedicated to run surveys, so they hire a third party to do the surveys for them. The pieces of information collected are like crumbs that lead to their success.


1. Search online for companies or their affiliates that give out the questionnaires and sign up. FeaturePoints is a free to join mobile app-based survey and ad viewing platform that pays cash for survey participation. Check here To get a full list of online survey companies that pay at least $10 per survey or more.

2. Fill out with your details and make your account. This might take some time since you’ll have to make a different account for each company. You stand a better chance of getting selected to do surveys if your profile shows that you are exactly what they are looking for.

3. Wait for notifications and hear from the companies. Survey companies usually send notifications about the available surveys via email. You’re lucky if you can take the survey straight up. Other times, you might have to answer pre-survey questions to convince them and qualify yourself as one of the demographic.

4. Answer questions. You will be presented with different types of questions such as simple yes-no questions or multiple-choice questions. Those can be done in no time, but you might also encounter surveys that require you to type in your answers so that they can get more specific answers.

5. Earn points, extra income, or chances to win in sweepstakes. The reward system from one company might differ from another company’s. You might receive points that can be converted to cash or an item. Sending reviews of a product might win you one. Some companies also transfer your earnings to your Paypal account immediately. And others pay back by entering your name in a sweepstakes draw.

As I’ve already mentioned, each company has its reward system, so you have to get into the details before you decide to sign up.


It doesn’t take much time to do an online survey and sign up is free.


The numbers of surveys that you can join are limited to your profile, and you have to vigilant to avoid scams and spam.

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METHOD 5: Make Blogs and Make Money

HOW IT WORKS: Creating interesting posts and advertising on your blog gets you paid.


People usually browse blogs to get inspirations and ideas. This just might be one superb platform for manufacturers to promote brand awareness and visibility to their market. Blogs center on specific topics containing informative contents. Companies have higher chances of reaching out to potential clients and customers this way.


1. Find the niche that you’ll be focusing on. You’ll find that blogs can cover a lot of topics, so you have to ground your blogs on specific and interrelated topics.

2. Make your blog. This might sound daunting especially if you have zero or little technical background about blogging. It certainly involves a lot of steps, but if you find yourself overwhelmed, you can check out articles on how to start from scratch.

3. Choose between a self-hosted blog and a free blog. If you decide to go for a self-hosted type, prepare to afford services of a third-party to allow you to customize your blog. Having this type will surely boost your credibility as looks a lot professional that a free blog.

4. Tackle setup and configuration. After deciding on the domain name and web host, decide where you want things to be on your blog. Customize it to your heart’s content, but don’t set aside the considerations for your audience.

5. Create informative content and reach out to your audience. People want to see blogs with actual contents, and you have to keep your creative juice flowing, too. Make contents that will actually matter and change lives. It should be regarded as very useful and engaging for your audience. Being likable and earning trust are important factors to have a greater audience. And don’t forget to publish contents on a regular basis.

6. Promote and reach out to more readers. Readers will not come to you just because you have a blog. Use your social media accounts, so people will know your blog is out there.

7. Monetize your blog. Now you have to play the waiting game. As soon as you establish yourself as an excellent blogger, (this has to do with the number of your followers and interaction on your blog) companies will be reaching out to you. You’ll get paid for recommending their products.


Being a blogger means you have flexible working time and the best part is that you get to have social connections while making money.


You must dedicate time and attention to your blog and learn how to ignore your haters while appreciating your fans.

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WHY COMPANIES PAY FOR THIS SERVICE: There are a good number of mobile apps and websites where people are encouraged to sell secondhand items because the market is never short of customers who are always on the hunt for cheaper items.


1. Go through your closets and drawers and select the stuff that you no longer need or use. De-cluttering is always a welcome idea. You’ll be sorting out your stuff and making money with the things that are just there taking up space. Or you can also jump from one thrift shop to another in search of things that you can sell for a higher price.

2. Go online and search for the best platforms for selling secondhand items. You’ll not sweat looking for the best platform for your items. While there are platforms that sell assorted items, you can go more specific and search for platforms that focus on clothes, household items, or hobby-related stuff.

3. Make a list of the items that you are putting up for sale. Make a short and informative description for each of your items and upload it with an HD picture. You want to put in as many applicable keywords as much as possible. Make your potential buyers manage their expectation by also mentioning the flaws if there are any. You’ll have to allocate a chunk of your time and a dash of creativity to make your items stand out.

4. Ship the items to their new owners. After answering inquiries from your potential buyers, you’ll close the deal. It’s time to ship the items, and you better make sure that it’s not only packaged neatly and securely. You also have to ship it on time. You’ll surely get repeat customers with your great assistance and prompt actions.

5. Consider selling junk items you have that no longer work. This includes appliances, equipment, and even cars. You can turn that pile of rusting metal at your backyard into cold hard cash. Before you sell your car, whether it’s a wreck, a piece of junk, or in great shape, read my tips on how to sell your used car for the most money.

Online Platforms for selling pre-loved items are in abundance considering the increasing popularity of “treasure hunting” plus you’ll have a cleaner space and fuller wallet.

Be wary of bogus buyers, and take note that you will not be getting full payments for your items because the platform is entitled to some percentage of sales.

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HOW IT WORKS: Be an instructor or a tutor by using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

WHY COMPANIES PAY FOR THIS SERVICE: Online Teaching has taken off thanks to the increasing number of people who also prefer to study at home. Students don’t necessarily have to waste time to commute to an educational institution if they can study safely at home.


1. Look for websites that offer job tutorials and have openings. This kind of job is perfect not only for housewives but for anyone who has other reasons for not leaving the comforts of their homes. There are companies especially set up for writing and sharing articles. Check here for  a service that lists legit homebased online tutoring jobs. They come with simple instructions. Or if you have qualifications, you can find tutees who want to learn from home during their free time by advertising your services on Craigslist or other online classifieds sites.

2. Check their initial requirements and send in your application to be one of their tutors. Of course, there’ll be some screening to be passed before you get that email notifying that you’re now of their affiliate. Reliable internet connectivity is a must for online teaching. Others would also require up-to-date computer processors and specific RAM. You also have to invest in good microphones.

3. After passing their requirements and finally making it, set what time would you like to clock in. The best thing about online teaching is that you get to enjoy flexible working hours. While it’s true that some online tutorial companies have a rigid schedule, there are also those that are very lax. Some companies won’t dictate what time should you be online but monitor how many hours you work in a week.

4. Start teaching and cash in on your skills. Each company has different rates and benefit packages. However, most of them have hourly rates ranging from 10 to 40 bucks. It’s not bad at all especially if you also get satisfaction in teaching and imparting your knowledge to people who are willing to learn them.


You can work from home and bring your job with you when you’re on vacation, you get to enjoy flexible working hours, and you don’t have to interact in person.


You need to show your certificates and proof that you already have teaching experience to work with some companies and you have to deal with technical issues while trying to proceed with the lesson despite the interruptions and glitches.

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HOW IT WORKS:  You’ll be tasked to evaluate search results on search engines. Sometimes it can also be filtering results on social media platforms, too.

WHY COMPANIES PAY FOR THIS SERVICE: Search Engines have their algorithms, but they still need human interference to steer clear from crappy results. They need you to match search terms to relevant and compatible results leading traffic to the right websites.


1. Look for websites that have openings for evaluator jobs. I would advise against testing for multiple search engines as this might lead to a conflict of interest.

2. Apply for the position. The basic requirement is to have a smartphone or a computer equipped with updated antivirus software and a reliable internet connection. And of course, you have to make a great impression by submitting a resume that is decorated with your relevant experience.

3. Read tips and pass the qualification test. After hearing from the company, you’ll have to complete a qualification test. It helps a lot if you have a background in web navigation or you’re internet savvy. And you can always reapply again if you fail on the first take.

4. Undergo training and take the best out of it. You’ll have to undergo training which will convince the companies that you are what they are looking for. This is to check if you’re adaptable enough and can stick with the guidelines.

5. Get the job. Your basic tasks will be to test given keywords on your phone or computer. You’ll have to sort out which webpage results are tied to the provided keywords. And finally, you have to hand in a report that summarizes your findings.

6. Start making money. Although it’s usually offered as a part-time job, you can also be looking at a full-time job. And take note that each project requires a different number of hours to accomplish.  


This is a job can be done at the comfort of your home and you get to decide the hours and days to accomplish your tasks.


You’ll to put in specific work hours on a daily or weekly basis, and there is no steady volume of work.

To find out how to become a search engine evaluator and which websites recruit people to review search engine results, you need to read my in-depth blog post HERE


HOW IT WORKS:  There are these no-sweat tasks like leaving a comment on blogs, finding info on Google, and tweeting with specific keywords that can give extra allowance to college students and housewives.

WHY COMPANIES PAY FOR THIS SERVICE: Some people only need your service for a short period of time, so there are no long term commitments and you get to easily pocket some money by just spending a couple of minutes to finish a task.


1. Search for legit sites that offer micro jobs. Companies hire a third party who post micro jobs on their websites or platforms. Unfortunately, scams are posing as legitimate micro job givers.

2. Sign up for an account.

3. Scan the site for micro jobs that are appropriate to you considering your skills and talents.

4. Don’t skip reading the terms and conditions set by the clients and tick the box only if you accept them. One of the most common lies people do is immediately ticking that box beside “I agree with the terms and conditions. One day you might get yourself into trouble doing so.

5. Be ready to take on micro jobs. Await for instructions from the clients. You’ll be given a set of instructions and payments depends on how complex the task is.

6. Finish a task within the timeframe set by the company. Some tasks can be completed in a matter of minutes like tweeting something or making an email or social account for someone. But there are also complex tasks that require more time.

7. Get some proof that you have indeed completed the task. This can be a screenshot or a picture of the final product that you’ll have to forward to the company.

8. You’ll receive the payment when the client is satisfied with your task. Payments are usually set in USD to make it uniform all over the world. Other times, you won’t receive cash payments and instead get points that are redeemable for items or gift vouchers.


There’s an abundance of micro jobs that you can actually sign up for the ones that interest you, accept as many as you like, and set a flexible time to accomplish them.


Competition is high, so you always have to be on the lookout, and since the pay is minimal you’ll have to accept more tasks to actually get a good amount of money.

To get the inside scoop on how you can make money with microwork or micro outsourcing platforms, check out my blog post HERE



HOW IT WORKS: You go over documents that need proofreading. Check them for typos, grammatical mistakes, and inconsistencies. Make necessary corrections and adjustments for credible content.

WHY COMPANIES PAY FOR THIS SERVICE: Every company wants to be credible to attract more clients and customers. One way of achieving that is by making sure that there are no lapses in their content when it comes to the technical part.


1. Search for websites or platforms that are hiring proofreaders. This just might be the job for you if you have sharp eyes for typos and grammatical mistakes when reading publications. And if you want to have this job although you don’t consider yourself as a “grammarian”, you can always check out training for proofreaders. You can find free trainings on the internet if you’re really interested in honing your craft to be a proofreader.

2. Make a presentable resume and send it to the company of your choice from the different options on the net. If you have had any jobs or training related to proofreading, you might want to highlight that on your resume. There are no certifications or a degree in proofreading, but you can rely on your field and expertise. You might want to get proofreading jobs which are specific and related to the knowledge you already possess. Proofread for real estate agents, bloggers, court reporters, and others.

3. After you meet their standards and pass the hiring process, you’ll start receiving contents for proofreading. Check your inbox for proofreading tasks and keep the deadlines in mind.

4. Proofread the contents and earn money. You’ll be scanning and skimming looking for flaws on the content. It’s the editor’s job to check the facts and organize the contents as necessary. But you’ll not be paid to make those kinds of adjustments. You are tasked to check the spelling, grammar, and formatting.


You don’t have to commute and make it in the office on time when you’re a proofreader because you can be doing this job anywhere and not forget that you’ll be honing your skills that can help you land editing jobs in the future.


You don’t have coworkers to consult with, so you have to work independently relying on your own skills and research and you must meet deadlines.

To read my in-depth post on how to get freelance online content proofreading jobs, CLICK HERE

METHOD 11: Make Money Closed Captioning Videos From Home

HOW IT WORKS: You listen to what’s being said and type it down. You might also be required to “describe” the sounds you hear on the screen, but it’s a case to case basis. You may or may not be required to also edit the video or the piece to add the transcription you made. That depends on what you, and your employer agreed upon when you took the job.

WHY COMPANIES PAY FOR THIS SERVICE: The main reason why people need closed captioning is so that disabled individuals will still be able to enjoy TV shows. Deaf people would never be able to hear the characters speak. However, if they can read all the dialogs in the show while they’re watching, then they should still be able to enjoy the story as much as the rest of us can.


  1. Find a legit company. If you’re lucky, then you might be located somewhere near a physical office that actually offers this kind of job. Like Alorica or 3playmedia. However, if you’re not from around their area, then just go for freelancing gigs. Captioningstar and Aberdeen are good-paying websites that you should definitely check out.

  2. Get good equipment. If you’re serious about earning from this job, then invest in a good headphone. Hopefully one with a noise cancelling feature. It’s going to cost you but it’ll be worth it in the long run.

  3. Apply for the job and pass the tests. Most websites won’t really ask for your resume. They’ll just go straight to the point and send you an exam. So just give them your email and wait for the test.

  4. Download helpful softwares. Use online softwares like Audacity to analyze your files better and to slow it down while you work on it. This will help you pass your test and make transcribing easier.

  5. Work and get paid. Just make sure to eagerly work on every task that you’re assigned. There are plenty of freelancers that work on jobs like these so passing a top quality job can get you more work.


You can do it in the comfort of your bedroom. Closed captioning is not that hard of a job, and if you really focus on doing it, then you can earn some serious amount of money.

The job turnover is pretty fast. Plus, the rate for beginners is pretty discouraging. Most of the times, it’s the employer who’ll set the deadline. You’d have to rush just to be able to give them a finished file in such a short amount of time.

For our free in-depth guide on how to make money as a closed caption encoder, CLICK HERE.

METHOD 12: Earn Money Online as a Copywriter

HOW IT WORKS: You write engaging and attracting copy to get people to notice a company’s service or their product. Getting a good copywriter is very important to companies, especially those in the advertising and marketing industries. This gig is so important that almost every establishment in the world requires a service like it.

WHY COMPANIES PAY FOR THIS SERVICE: Advertising is a brutal game. Products and services have to outdo each other all the time to rake in money and get more jobs. This is why copywriters are in demand. Sure, great visuals help pull people in but a good copy makes them stay. A witty well thought of praise can get advertisements millions of views and immeasurable exposure.


  1. Find a company or a website that needs it. There are many opportunities for this job online. Just browse through the internet and find an offering that works for you. Focus on the incentives and the job description. |once you see one that you like, then apply.

  2. Decide early on if you want to do this at home or in an office. If you choose to go with an office, then apply to a physical company. If you want to do it as a freelance job, then apply online. Both of these setups have their own pros and cons so be sure that you understand exactly what you’re getting into before choosing which one to go with.

  3. Compile your best works. Jobs like these asks for past work sample so prepare your best ones and attach them to your emails along with an application letter. Try to attach at least three past works about wildly different topics to give them a good grasp of your writing technique.

  4. Apply and get ready for interviews. Dress smart, even if the interview is through Skype. Making a good first impression will help you land the gig so be presentable and look ready.

  5. Do a good job. This is especially important to freelance gigs since they are easy to lose and almost always temporary. Plus, doing a good job gets you good recommendations that might just be your ticket to other gigs.


This job pays well. Plus, it can be done practically anywhere.


If you choose freelancing, then chances are you won’t be having a steady income. Even if opportunities can be found left and right, it’s still a huge risk that you should be willing to take.

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METHOD 13: Write a Book and Earn Passive Income 

HOW IT WORKS: You write down E-books and companies pick them up and sell them for you. This job requires a lot of patience but once you already have one book out, it can give you a passive income for many years to come.

WHY COMPANIES PAY FOR THIS SERVICE: Selling books is like producing movies. You never really know which ones would sell. So, some companies actually do accept ebooks and sell them to other people for you in exchange for a percentage of your sale.


  1. Brew an idea. Write about a topic that you’re very familiar with. Try to stick to your passions and your hobbies and write about something that you think most people don’t know about yet. Back up your work with research and if you can, interviews.

  2. Put it on paper. Don’t polish it yet. Just keep putting everything down. When creating a written masterpiece, always have at least three drafts. On the first draft, just try to breathe the topic to life.

  3. Make a second draft. Start organizing what you have into categories and give them interesting subheadings. Try to make sense of your first draft and give it direction. Trim and add where you think it’s appropriate and shape your idea to make it a real book.

  4. Make a third draft. Polish your work and make sure that everything about it is perfect.

  5. Get a cover for it. You can either make your own cover or get other people to do it. Amateur artists are all over the internet so if you want a good cover, browse through tumblr and find one that produces art that you like. You can give them specific instructions to get the exact look that you want.

  6. Sell it. Give it a good price and offer it to buyers. We do suggest trying Amazon Kindle direct publishing. They pay nicely and given the famous name, your very much sure they’re legit.

  7. Wait for your money. This money making opportunity moves slow. Don’t expect to get paid any time soon because your book needs to establish itself first before it starts attracting many buyers. However, once that’s done, money will just keep on raining on your bank account so it’s worth it.


You don’t have a deadline. You can make this happen whenever you feel like it. Plus, if you write about something you like, it won’t feel like a job. Also, ebook writers earn per purchase so after your done passing it to the publisher, you can sit down and just wait for your passive income.


The market is so crowded that it’s hard to breathe new ideas in it. Just take a look at wattpad to get a slight idea just how many people who, like you, are trying to do something like this.

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METHOD 14: Test Websites For Money

HOW IT WORKS: You sign up to testing sites and participate in website demos. You report any bugs and flaws in the system so that developers can fix it and improve their site before making it live.

WHY COMPANIES PAY FOR THIS SERVICE: It’s hard to criticize something that you made so it’s better to let people run with your work and fix all the problems that they’ll encounter along the way. Tests like these are done to improve a website’s poka-roke-ness or its user friendliness. You as a participant is brought in to essentially find holes in the program that the makers might have missed or overlooked.


  1. Register to many websites. In order to actually be able to rake in that much money, you need to sign up to many sites. We suggest going for usertesting and respondents. They pay the highest and they have plenty of jobs to offer.

  2. Provide your information. Ready an email address because you’ll need it to sign up to sites. After that, you’ll be asked for some personal information. Be as honest as possible when entering your data because this will help sites filter you better to websites that actually fit you.

  3. Wait for opportunities. Always check your email. Once there’s a website testing opportunity that fits you, you’ll receive an email with a link where you can review the site. Grab it fast because plenty of other people are waiting to jump on it just as eagerly as you. However, don’t treat this job as a full time gig. It can’t pay your rent. It’s a good source of side income though. Occasionally, an opportunity would pop up.

  4. Provide quality feedback. Feel the website and try to be descriptive as you can when writing your feedback. Think about the developers who’ll make the changes that you’re writing down. Make sure that they’ll be able to understand the problem is and why it happened. That’ll help them fix it faster.

  5. Wait for your money. Depending on the site, it might take about 24 to 48 hours for you to be paid for doing a job. The pay ranges from 5-10 dollars. Best way to get it is through paypal so set up an account with them to get your money.


The tests aren’t hard and can be done anywhere. It’s easy money. Plus, you don’t really have to pay anything to start earning. Just register and wait for opportunities.


The job is unstable. You can’t really rely on this opportunity for your everyday needs. Plus, some sites have a pre-test screening and there’s no guarantee that you’ll be a great fit to participate in all of them.

Want to make money testing websites?  Find out how to find companies that hire website testers and also find out how much money you can earn doing quality control on web pages. Read my in-depth blog post on how to test websites for money.

METHOD 15: Work as a Remote Virtual Assistant

HOW IT WORKS: Running an office on your own can be stressful. While apps and schedulers do help, having a real assistant is still a much better option. Sadly, employing a person is hard and expensive. For this reason, virtual assistants are becoming more and more in demand.

HOW IT WORKS: You do little tasks for other people. It includes making and answering calls, setting up appointments, researching, and the like.

WHY COMPANIES PAY FOR THIS SERVICE:Virtual assistants reduce the amount of work that many busy professionals and offices couldn’t attend to. With this job, you can help boost company productivity by taking on the task that could distract the office or a professional from their main task.


  1. Determine the type of assistant that you want to be. Some virtual assistants focus only on doing a specific task like managing social media sites or answering calls while others handle all the small tasks that the company needs. Before applying, determine which of these categories you’d want to fall into.

  2. Search for opportunities online. Create an account on popular job sites like Jobstreet, Kalibrr, and the like. Update and prepare your resume as well as supporting documents that employers might ask from you.

  3. Set up your workstation. Many employers will probably ask you about your home set up, your computer specs, and Internet speed. So before applying anywhere, set up your workstation. If you can, try to get an internet connection with at least 5 mbps or higher. That’s the kind of connection that can give you smooth running skype calls with only little to no lag.

  4. Pass your application to many companies and employers. Tailor fit your introduction letter for every job posting and ready a good resume. Dress nicely on Skype interviews and make sure you use a quality mic in phone interviews.

  5. Get paid. Set your expected salary as well as how you’d want to receive it. If you want it through paypal, then tell them. Once you and your new employer had agreed on a rate, then you’re good to start.


You don’t need to spend money on fare. You can work from your home and be as comfy as you want to be. Plus, this job gives you a great command of your time so if you want to get side gigs, you can do it.


This job doesn’t really offer benefits. It doesn’t have leaves, and you’ll be forced to pay taxes with your own money. Also, electricity and equipment costs are on you.

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METHOD 16: Work Full-time as an Online Transcriber


Listen audio files then write down what you hear in perfect grammar. Thus, it is important to use a software that corrects your grammar mistakes like Grammarly. It would also be advisable to use a transcribing software to make everything easier.

There are two types of transcriptions so better ask the client which one the person prefers. There is the clean verbatim transcription where you need to edit out the filler words and the full verbatim transcription where you transcribe it word per word. Once the type is revealed, start transcribing.

Either way, it would be a splendid idea to enroll in short transcription courses to increase your chances of getting accepted for a transcribing job. It is easy to get frustrated when you don’t get the salary you’re looking for. The key here is to spread the word about your social services on social media, websites and other methods.


There are a lot of interviewers and media executives that need their audio files converted into text. Unfortunately, they don’t have the time to do that because it is pretty time-consuming. Thus, they resort to paying someone else do the job.


  1. Choose among the many websites that offer transcription jobs. Remember that not all big-time companies offer high-paying jobs. There are times when small companies offer decent jobs that pay well. Some websites that should be considered include Rev, Appenscribe, Verabl Ink and Daily Transcription. You can also try independent transcriber job providers.

  2. Depending on the website you choose to work for, you need to complete their requirements to get the job. Some websites like Quicktate require references while some websites like Rev require you to pass an exam.

  3. When you complete their requirements, you can now start transcribing.


There is one thing all companies that offer transcription work have in common. They will allow you to work anywhere you wish. Whether it is the comforts of your home or the nearest coffee shop, the choice is yours. It would be a great idea to sit at a comfortable chair though since you are going to be sitting for a long time. One great option would be an ergonomic chair.

Another advantage is you can start any time you wish. Yes, there will be no need to wake up early just to avoid getting late at the office. Also, there would be no need to set an alarm for 7 AM.


There’s a possibility that you won’t get paid for work you already did if it doesn’t live up to their standards. Thus, better double check if it is good enough before submitting.

Want to make money as an online transcriber or typist?  Read my full-length post about this way of making money. Learn how to do it right so you don’t end up wasting time and money. Transcription work pays but you have to work on the right jobs. Click on the link above to figure out how.

METHOD 17: Earn Passive Income Selling Your Photos Online

It is not as simple as uploading your photos on multiple stock-image sites. Before uploading, better check how you will get paid though. You may need to select from various payment terms. Additionally, it would be better if the pictures have people in them. Yes, better scan through your photos and upload the best ones. Also, keep in mind that it would be great if you spread the word about your photos by using plenty of keywords.


If you like taking pictures, you can turn your hobby into a sideline job by uploading them on various sites.


Some companies know they would save a lot of money by using stock photos instead of investing in a photoshoot. Not only will a photoshoot require you to pay a lot of people, it will also consume a lot of time. Good thing, you won’t have to think about that when


  1. Use your smartphone and take lots of picture. If you have an SLR, then that’s even better. There are a lot of smartphones that have high-resolution cameras though like Google Pixel 3.

  2. Never assume that your image doesn’t need to be edited. It always needs editing so download a free photo-editing software like FastStone Image Viewer, PIXLR and Raw Therapee. FastStone provides basic editing while Raw Therapee gives the option to do advanced editing like changing colors.

  3. There are many websites where you can sell your photos. The payment structures are different from one another though. For example, you’ll get 70% for every photo you sell in 500px Prime while in Shuttershock you can earn as much as $120 per photo download. Another great example is Picfair where you will decide how much your images are worth. By far, the most popular among all the stock-image websites is Alamy because you will get 100% of the sales. Choose the one that suits your preferences the most.

  4. Start uploading and earn as much as you can.


You can choose your niche. Yes, it can be anything from nature to people. It is possible to have several niches but it is better to stick to one so that is what you can concentrate on. There is also no specific time that you need to upload the pictures. You can upload the photos any time you wish.


If you were expecting good income, you have another thing coming. It isn’t that high unless you spend a LOT of time taking photos.

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METHOD 18: Get Paid to Watch Youtube or TV Videos

Your video watching income depends on the online company you sign up for. Swagbucks is a pretty good option as they let you earn points that you can use for online shopping just by watching videos. Another good example is QuickRewards, a company that gives you easy tasks for fast cash. Don’t sleep on InboxDollars, a company that has been paying people to watch videos for a long time. Due to the amount of time they’ve been in the industry, you know you’re in good hands when you register there.


Different types of companies pay you to watch videos for a variety of reasons. For example, Netflix pays people to watch their videos to be their “taggers.” These taggers need to tag the shows with the right notes so other subscribers will get the right recommendations. Another example would be Cross Media that pays you to track your TV watching. It is an easy task and you can earn as much as two hundred dollars per year.


Companies are trying to spread the world about their brand. This is a cheaper and more effective way of raising awareness compared to Facebook advertisements.


  1. Find websites that will pay you for watching videos and some great examples are Rapid Workers and Microworkers. At Microworkers, you need to search for the task you prefer among dozens of jobs. Don’t worry though because you can categorize them. At Rapid Workers, you can filter by location so there are some places that have lots of tasks available while some don’t have that much jobs up for grabs.

  2. Complete any requirements if any. Most websites like Rapid Workers don’t really require any skills for you to work there. Thus, pick the website where you don’t have to present anything so you can move to the next step.

  3. Register for a PayPal account. Do this only if you don’t have one yet. It is where you will get your payment.

  4. Choose among the list of tasks listed down on the website. The tasks won’t take up too much of your time. For this purpose, pick the task that involves watching videos on YouTube.

  5. Choose to either get paid or turn your points earned from watching videos into points that you can use for shopping.


Do you love watching videos on YouTube in your spare time? Why not earn money from doing what you love? It is definitely a win-win situation. You can even do it any time and any place you wish.


Unfortunately, not all websites allow access to your country. Yes, it is possible your options are limited.

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METHOD 19: Earn Online with Data Entry and Data Encoding Work

It depends on the website that provides freelance work. Most of them will require you to make a profile that contains your past jobs and capabilities. If you had a past data entry job, that could be an advantage.


There are no special skills required to complete data entry jobs. You just need a computer or laptop and a fast Internet connection. Of course, you need to have the basic Microsoft programs like Excel and Word. Some companies may not even required that from you as they may give you access to their website.


There is a huge difference between companies hiring a full-time employee to do data entry level tasks and outsourcing it to a remote worker. The full-time employee needs to be paid a monthly salary plus government benefits. On the other hand, the remote worker is a far cheaper option.


  1. Choose a freelance platform as the most popular ones are Upwork and Fiverr. For Fiverr, you need to highlight your skills so don’t put skills that you are not that familiar with. For Upwork, you need to take a lot of exams. It may take time but it will be worth it. The more exams you pass, the more chances you have of getting accepted for high-paying data entry jobs.

  2. Once you’ve chosen a website, create a profile and be sure to include a picture of yourself.

  3. Choose a justifiable hourly rate. To know the rate you can give, research on other freelancers who have the same skill set as yours. Be sure to make it a little lower than them since you’re just starting out. Don’t worry though as you can make it higher next time if you perform well.

  4. Start applying for jobs at the freelance website you’ve chosen. Some jobs are short-term while some are long-term so be sure to choose the ones that suit your current situation. For example, if you also have a full-time job then select the short-term jobs. Also, there are hourly and fixed-rate jobs. For those who can’t handle time pressure, it would be better to select hourly tasks.

  5. Finish tasks and get paid.


The most obvious advantage is being able to do these jobs from anywhere you please whether it is at your home or the nearest coffee shop. Looking at the available of tasks, you can chose the ones you are capable of doing. Best of all, you can choose how much you will get paid. You can even increase your rate when you finish more tasks.


You need to compete with a lot of other people vying for the same job. Thus, you need to show you have the advantage over them.

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METHOD 20: Earn a Part-Time Income Doing Searches On Google

This method depends on the freelancing site you choose. At 10EQS, they will give you tasks based on your interests. Thus, don’t expect to be given a task that you won’t be interested in. At AskWonder, they will give you questions that need answers and that is where the research begins.


Basically, you’re going to get topics that you need to research one. After that, you will need to complete the task within the deadline.

Use Google to research about topics


There are a lot of people who need researchers. How about the webmasters who own hundreds of websites? They need to put a lot of well-researched content in those websites so people would go to them. Some freelance writers can’t handle the load of work given to them so they hire other people to do some of their tasks. Of course, they will offer a lower rate compared to what will be given to them but that’s expected. As you’d expect, students would also want help with their thesis papers.


  1. Find freelancing sites that have job listings for freelancers. Some great examples are Upwork and freelancer.com. In fact, you will see all sorts of freelance work in those two websites.

  2. Choose the job that you think you can handle. There are a lot of tasks there and some of them are harder than it looks. Thus, only choose the one that you are confident of handling. Otherwise, you will ruin your reputation if you are unable to complete the task.

  3. Complete the job within the time allotted. It may even be better to complete it several hours before the deadline. Your client will certainly be happy about that and may even give you more tasks in the future. If they are satisfied with your work, the client may leave a positive review in your profile. That will definitely increase the possibility of getting accepted for future tasks.

  4. Receive payment in your PayPal account.


There is no shortage of researcher jobs online due to the number of people in need. Also, you can work at your own pace. You can even work at home or the nearest co-working space. Best of all, you can choose the topic you want to research on. Besides, you won’t get motivated if you are tasked to research a terrible topic.


Researching can take up a ton of time so a lot of patience is required.

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METHOD 21: Listen to and review Online Music for Cash

HOW IT WORKS: You listen to the music of new and upcoming artists and rate them. You’ll also be required to leave a sensible and quality feedback that can help them improve the piece and produce better work in the future.

WHY COMPANIES PAY FOR THIS SERVICE:For upcoming artists, getting exposure is hard. In order to improve their music, some turn to the internet to ask random people for their advice and their opinions. There are dedicated websites where artists can upload their work and where you can access and review them. Artists pay them to showcase their work and that’s how they earn money.


  1. Register to many websites. Do this to increase your chances of earning. Job offerings for this kind of sideline aren’t that many so having many accounts from different websites would surely help get you more money. Just make sure to provide a working email because that’s where you’ll be notified when jobs are available. Start with MusicXray. Search online for similar sites. There are at least half a dozen other competitors to MusicXray.

  2. Get better headphones. Artists worked very hard for every piece that would be uploaded on the websites you registered to. Make sure you have the right equipment to fully appreciate their art. Plus, having good gear can help you give better and chunkier feedback.

  3. Wait for opportunities. Always check your email. Once you receive an opportunity, grab it fast. Most websites are only waiting for a certain number of participants before closing the opportunity. So hurry and finish your review as early as you can.

  4. Listen attentively and provide quality feedback. The musical pieces that you have to review are usually about a minute or more. Finish the piece before jotting down anything and make sure to really feel every beat. Think about the musicians who need your advice and write as specific as possible to help them get better at their craft.

  5. Get paid. After reviewing, just wait for 24-48 hours to get your pay. There’s really no guarantee that your feedback will get picked so if you don’t see the money in your account after 2 days, just shake it off and wait for other jobs.


This isn’t a hard job and if you’re a music enthusiast, it can actually be pretty exciting. Plus, the pay isn’t so bad for a side job. You don’t really need to pay for anything in order to start earning from this gig so you don’t really lose anything by doing it.


The opportunities for jobs like these are not that plenty. Plus, even if you were able to submit a review, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be paid for it considering the website you submitted it to will still be checking it for quality.

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METHOD 22: Write Articles For Money

HOW IT WORKS: You write articles for companies and businesses promoting their service or explaining certain product features. Jobs like these may require you to write some smart, interesting little blogs or long full blown product reviews with a specified number of words.

WHY COMPANIES PAY FOR THIS SERVICE:Coming up with an engaging written copy is not easy. If done right, it can pull a lot of customers in to avail of a service or buy a certain product. This is why businesses prefer to hire professionals to make it for them.


  1. Find a website that suits your writing style. There are many types of job ads online looking for writers. If you google writing websites, you’ll notice that they almost always have a certain specialty. Some specialize in blogs or more conversational style pieces and other in more formal and business types. Register with one that suits your style of writing the most. You don’t really need more than one account because jobs like these are always on demand so chances are, you’ll have enough work in your hands to earn you decent money.

  2. Submit required credentials. Some websites actually do require a degree to let you in. If that’s the case, ready a diploma or any other document that they may require you to pass. Other, more lenient ones would only ask for sample works. So compile your best works to impress them.

  3. Boost your popularity. Many sites have a badge system. This is when you get promoted and rewarded for the quality of the work that you finish for them. This will decide how much more work you can get and sometimes even the price they pay you for your pieces. Be patient and work hard to move up the ladder.

  4. Pitch more ideas. There are plenty of other aspiring writers hoping to earn on the internet. The best way to outdo them is to have the best and the most award winning idea. This will gravitate more customers to avail of your service and get you more money. Beforehand, try to develop many ideas even if you have no customers who need them so that you can just put them forward when the opportunity arrives.

  5. Get paid. Writers are usually paid per piece. So set up a paypal or ready a bank account so that when the time comes when you’re ready to receive your money, you won’t encounter any problems getting it.


This side hustle pays really well. You can even make it your main job if you work hard enough. Plus, you don’t need to spend money on fare everyday.


This job is mainly just looking for workers based in the United States. Although, they pay a lot, the amount of work that you’ll be getting isn’t really fixed. There’s a real chance that you won’t be getting any assignments for a while. Plus, it doesn’t have benefits or leaves.

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METHOD 23: Earn A Sideline Sharing Your Opinions in Online Focus Groups

HOW IT WORKS: You join focus groups and provide feedback to the moderator who’s handling the group. You also have to answer questions and join discussions about a topic or a product to help the people conducting the research get their info.

WHY COMPANIES PAY FOR THIS SERVICE: Focus groups are vital in predicting the market’s reaction to a product prior to its launch. It’s a good practice to eliminate any offensive design, tagline, or any other markings that the manufacturer missed or might not be aware of. Focus groups are also an effective way to measure a product’s effectivity and its effect to a certain age group, culture, or gender.


  1. Find a way to join a focus group. There are many websites online that hosts research sessions like these. You can try 20/20 Panel or Mindswarms. Those two are legit and they pay really well for a single session. They’ll ask you for your email address so prepare one in advance. You can also try joining physical offices that scouts for participants. However, they’re very rare and mostly only in the United States.

  2. Honestly provide personal details. Don’t lie about a single thing. The entire point of focus groups is to get the opinion of a certain group of people. It could be those aged 20-30, or women living in a certain area. You details would help the websites filter you into suitable opportunities. So be honest with every single one of them.

  3. Wait for opportunities. Always check your email. That’s where the websites will send you a notification in case they have an opportunity available for you. Once you get one, grab it fast. They only need a certain number of people before they close the session.

  4. Take note of important details. Focus on the duration. Always make sure that you can promise them the amount of time that they are requiring you to give. If you think that it’ll coincide with a work day or if you have prior engagements that day, better pass up on it.

  5. Actively participate until the research ends. If they want you to join a chat group, do it. If they want you to play a certain game, do it. The purpose of these activities is to observe your behavior so just do what they ask you to. Also, be present in every single session. Sometimes, missing one will cause you to forfeit the pay that you can receive for that job.

  6. Get paid. Once the research is done, just wait for your money. You can get it through paypal or through bank. It’s totally up to you.


This isn’t a job that requires a particular set of skills. You just have to always be present and answer truthfully. Plus, you online have to do it online so it shouldn’t be that much of a hassle for you.


Some sessions takes weeks. In order to get your money, you always have to be active in the research. This is kind of hard to do, especially if you have a fixed 8 hour day job and the next session would open up in the middle of the day. Plus, there aren’t many job offerings for this kind of sideline so you can’t rely on it for your day to day expenses.

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METHOD 24: Come up with a quick course and sell it for passive income

HOW IT WORKS: You make a course about a topic that you’re very familiar with and sell it to people. That way they can learn your expertise through your lessons and your experiences. This is a great way to expand their knowledge about a topic that they’ve been wanting to learn more about.

WHY COMPANIES PAY FOR THIS SERVICE: Many people want to learn new things. Sadly, enrolling to an actual school is a hassle. Plus, they can’t commit to the designated time that they’re supposed to be there for. With online courses, they can learn any skill whenever they want. Plus, they can learn from your lessons from their home at bed.


1. Decide on a course topic where you know you have an expert opinion. Try to assess your current skills and determine if you excel in any particular topic. Stick to your passions and to those skills that you are very much knowledgeable in.

2. Do the research. Expand your knowledge. Sure you know how to do things but back it up with research. Take note of the proper terms, shortcuts, hidden buttons, that you think other less knowledgeable people might have a hard time finding or knowing. Add more stuff to your current knowledge to make your course chunkier and more interesting.

3. Outline your course. Do a quick summary of what you want your viewers to learn. See how many topics you can cram into the course before it gets crowded. Also, don’t be afraid to leave out some things, you can always just make a second part.

5. Decide on the method to deliver your lesson. Determine the age group of the people you’re making that course for. For children and old people, pepper your course with visual aids. They tend to respond more to what they see rather than what they hear. Videos tend to sell

6. Start creating your content. Assemble your course. If you’re doing a video, rent a good camera and a good mic so that your viewers will be able to understand your lesson clearly. If you can hire a pro editor to work on assembling it, then please do. If you can’t then there are user-friendly software out there that can help you put it together.

7. Decide on the price. Look around the internet and try to use that as a basis for deciding your lessons’ price. Since you’re not that established yet, set a lower price for your materials than what others are offering it for. That’ll help you get more customers.

8. Get online. You can either upload it on a website that’s dedicated to buying online courses or use the common social media platforms to reach potential customers. There are many people who use youtube or Udemy to earn money from teaching. You can do that too.

10. Market and earn. Go public and promote your stuff. The more people you reach, the more chances of earning. Then just wait for your money to come.


After you finish your course, you’ll just have to wait for the money to come to your account. Plus, this sideline pays really well, especially if your material is quality and well put together.


Making a course is not easy. Plus, the money that you’ll get from it will come slowly and not all at once. So you really have to wait.

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METHOD 25: Moderate Forums and User Generated Content For Cash

HOW IT WORKS: You manage a business’ social media sites. Monitor their facebook page, answer PMs, post pictures on social media sites and keep their online community excited and active.

WHY COMPANIES PAY FOR THIS SERVICE: Social media is the fastest and most powerful way to connect to people. Having a positive image there and very active pages, gives people a better perception of a company and the product it offers. That’s why they pay moderators to ensure that their sites are updated and responsive.


1. Find companies or sites that hire online moderators. You can usually see job ads for these on popular job sites like jobstreet or Kalibrr. They’re also called social media specialists so if you’re looking for ads, you might want to use those words too.

2. Apply for the job. Some companies require a degree and some don’t. Ready a good resume and tailor fit it to match every company that you apply to. Also, write a polite but savvy application letter. Moderators are often perky and lively so it wouldn’t hurt to show them that you have the energy that they’re looking for.

3. Pass the test to get hired. Whatever they ask of you, provide it. Some might ask to see some past works so ready a link to pages that you’ve handled before. You can also save the pictures offline, compile them, and send them to the employer.

4. Get familiar with what the company already has. If you’re lucky, the company doesn’t have a single page yet and you’ll be building their image for them. If you’re not, then they already have it. It’s easier to introduce a brand from scratch than try to work around the image they’ve built so far. Still, it will never be nothing that you can’t fix. Take the reigns steer their social media image to the direction that you want it to head to.

5. Weed out the bad raps. Bad raps equals bad image. The last thing you’d want is to scare customers away with the negative feedback that they see people leave in your site. Remove them as soon as they’re posted so that they won’t be able to harm your image or your company’s name.

6. Keep everything running smoothly. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with how everything works, you’ll just have to schedule a post to be uploaded on a regular basis. Then that’s it!


This job is mostly work at home so you’ll have a great command of your time. Plus, if you get lucky, you might be able to find a company that even gives out leaves and benefits.


This job is emotionally exhausting. Many people take it to social media to vent out their frustrations about a product. Sadly you, the moderator, will have to be the butting end of all of that.

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