How to earn money doing searches on Google


Would you like to make money just by using google? Can people earn a side income just by entering keywords into google and clicking on results?

You may be thinking that this is just a typical freelance research project, there are many of those.
Entering search terms into Google is just one part of a larger research project, usually, the material that you find is going to go into some sort of article or blog post.
While you can get that type of part-time research freelance project, there is an alternative to earning part-time income doing searches on Google.

I’m going to cover both, half of this article will talk about the most common way to make money doing google research.
The other half involves research work that is kind of very different from what you may imagine.

Why would people pay freelancers to do searches on Google?

The most common reason is for freelancers to come up with research materials that will be used in some form of content, this could be turned into an article or it can be converted into a blog post.
People also pay freelancers to do google image searches, maybe they’re looking for a specific type of image or a fairly rare set of pictures.

The other reason why companies would pay freelancers to look up search phrases and then click certain links from the results has nothing to do with content creation. Instead,
it has everything to do with Googles search engine algorithm, Google has dramatically changed how it detects quality content.
Back in the day google would use backlinks and other external factors produced by a third party website to determine if a web page is what it says it is.
Now it’s using a completely different technology, this is why there is an increasing demand for targeted searches on google.

How to do Google searches for content generation purposes

Creating content or content development for google is pretty straightforward. The content development company or outsourcing company would give you a set of keywords,
you then enter all those materials into google and you look at the suggested searches. You also look at what other terms people are searching for.
This information is presented at the bottom of the page.

Putting this information together with the writer of the content targeting a set of keywords would have a general idea of the kind of mindset people using those keywords have.
This is crucial for SEO if you produce content it has to speak to the needs of keywords using to find that content.
If you do a bad job on this your content is not going to be rewarded by Google. It’s irrelevant, it doesn’t solve the problems of people using those keywords there has to be some sort of context.

Companies pay freelancers like yourself to look for common questions and concerns behind keyword groupings.
You’re also supposed to scrape or collect related keywords that google mentions on the search results.
You also are to provide sources that are close to the results related to the content on being creative.
Using this information’s the freelance writers that work for the same content development company that hired you would produce authoritative or trustworthy content.

What kind of skills do you need to do searches on google?

To get paid to do search engine research work you need a lot more skills that entering keywords or phrases into the Google search box.
You have to understand what the context of a keyword is you have to know what to look for as far as the results go.

There are a lot of junk results out there and that’s why consumers normally don’t click on those results, they’re going to go away soon because they don’t answer the question post by the keywords.

By understanding the context of the keyword that you are researching on google you can guide the writers who will use the keywords you collected to produce topnotch content.
It all boils down to your guidance and analysis. You will need the following basic skills

Excellent English reading skills

Before you can write well in English you have to have solid reading and comprehension skills these go hand in hand, in fact, if you suck at reading chances are you would be a lousy writer,
you wouldn’t know how to communicate effectively in the English language, how can you, you can’t even understand the stuff that you are reading.
You can’t connect them together, you can’t map out the different information to create context.

Google has become extremely sensitive to context. Thanks to its rankbrain algorithm update, this is non-negotiable if you want to earn part-time
freelance income as a search engine researcher you have to be an excellent reader.
You have to understand what you just read and you have to tie it into the general project parameters so your customer gets the information that they need to produce the content that would help them rank on google.
That’s the reason why they hired you in the first place.

Clear and effective English writing skills

Don’t freak out. You don’t need to be an excellent writer to make good money as a search engine researcher for content development companies.
You just have to write clearly enough to explain the context or the relationship between the keywords that you have researched, when you look at the results you have to be able to explain
how the results either answered the question posted by the key phrases or just did a really lousy job.
That’s the bottom-line you have to be able to come up with reports that will give the freelance writers hired by the content development company enough directions to produce the right content.

You need to be able to research efficiently

One of the biggest drawbacks to this type of freelance work is the fact that once you find the results you’re tempted to click and then click again and then you go from one page to the next
and before you know it you’ve read all sorts of stuff that are not related to the keywords that you’re researching.
Your personal curiosity just took over, it’s a lot of fun, but its wasted time and money.
Remember time is money so the more time you waste jumping from one rabbit hole to another the more money you lose.

You have to be focused you also have to be extremely disciplined if the results have nothing to do with the context of the keywords close that window go on to the next result.
The good news is, the more you do a search engine research the more you get used to it, you don’t get distracted as easily as before,
eventually, you will be able to just zip through a huge amount of results capture a lot of keywords almost instantly make logical connections between those keywords.

The drawback to this is that it takes a long time to develop this skill at first you probably will be very slow get ready for that, but as long as you are looking to push yourself
and try to understand the connections and the patterns between the keywords eventually things will fall into place.

What is the fast-rising reason why companies would hire freelancers to do google research?

In addition to content-related research, a lot of companies now are hiring freelancers like yourself to enter search terms into google with the intention of not doing research.
I know this sounds crazy, after all, that’s what Google searchers are supposed to do. There is a twist as I’ve mentioned earlier google launched the rankbrain algorithm update.
Rankbrain does three things in a very scary way, it’s so good that it’s frightening.

First rankbrain is able to understand the context of a page, it would scan all the words understanding what these “seed words” means it could have a rough understanding of the context of the page.
A page dedicated to people buying baby shoes is going to be very different from a page that talks about baby shoe design and their place in history.
Rankbrain is sophisticated enough to know the difference between those two types of pages, that is how scary rankbrain is.

The second thing that rankbrain does is it tracks it makes a statistical projection of how people behave on pages.
The data rankbrain uses comes from google chrome this is what a lot of analysts suspect.
Google Chrome is a very popular web browser a lot of people play around with google chrome while logged in, little did they know the terms and conditions they allowed will go to track their searches.
Of course, none of this is personally identifiable so don’t worry about google somehow tracing you because of your search history or turning that information over to the cops.
Still, this is scary because google can now understand how people behave when they pull up certain results.
For example, if you enter buy baby shoes into a search term and you come across a page and you stay there, chrome is basically going to send data that will reflect this.
Rankbrain will analyze this and say well this person is staying on this page must be good.

Finally, rankbrain also pays attention to bounce rate when it notices through chrome that people are making a search, going from one website clicking the back button
going to another website and then clicking the back button, again and again, this tells Google that those search phrases that produce those results need better results people are just bouncing out.

The rise of paid clickers for search engine optimization

Back in the days, SEO or search engine optimization was all about hiring freelancers or dedicated staff to generate content or create relationship with third party sites, the payoff,
of course, can be boiled down to one thing and one thing alone: backlinks, back in the good all days if you want to rank well on google you just need to take care of backlinks.
This of course led to search engine optimization companies paying off websites to link to them this also led to SEO consultants and companies producing content that is published on third party sites organically.

There were a lot of strategies people could use to generate quite a bit of quality backlinks a lot of it is ethical,
but thanks to rankbrain all the backlinks in the world are not going to keep your page at number one if your content isn’t very good.
Here is the problem in the eyes of many people especially yourself, your content is topnotch in fact, if you were to ask a lot of people that you know and worked on your website
you couldn’t find anybody that has a problem with the content but still that is not good enough for google.

Google will base your page’s performance in the rankings based on how well it does with people doing searches for keywords that are targeted by your page and how they behave on your site.
If they are bouncing out of your site or they don’t hang around too long your webpage is going to get demoted in the rankings.
This is where freelance google search result, researchers come in.

CTRSEO companies would pay you money to enter a variety of search terms and look for certain results.
Of course, you’re not going to dive directly into that result instead you’re going to behave like a normal searcher but you have a script.
You’re going to start with their competition enters their pages and then bounce out, you go to the next competition enters their page and then bounce out.
After enough bouncing, you go to the client’s website and click page after page and stay there. In googles “eyes” you have found what you are looking for.

How CTRSEO companies operate

Since Google now pays attention to user experience CTRSEO companies farm out searching and clicking tasks to a wide range of people all over the world,
people get paid to search for a phrase and engage in behavior that mimics regular search behavior but the big twist is you end up at the client’s page and you stay there.
If enough people do this that pages ranking will go up, on the other hand, the top rank pages where there’s a lot of bouncing will go down.

Is CTRSEO unethical?

Believe it or not, for a client’s webpage to make it to the top ten or top twenty of google means that at some level or another it has high enough quality.
Even if the junk page has enough backlinks it’s not going to get far because it offers so little value.
Usually, companies and publishers that would actually spend a budget on CTRSEO would’ve spent a decent amount of quality content.

This is really where the ethical issue turns, It will be unethical if you’re producing garbage and you’re just using CTRSEO to promote that garbage,
but since the webpage that you are producing actually offers the same answers or even better answers then the other content on page one or page two then you have no ethical issue.

If anything, when you’re doing this type of freelance search engine work you are helping a useful page get the attention that it couldn’t get otherwise.
Google is imperfect, it’s still a work in progress and unfortunately there’s still a lot of high quality, truly valuable webpages out there that are buried on the third, fourth, or even tenth page.

How to get a search engine search job

As I mentioned above, there are two types of this kind of work you can be a regular content researcher.
You can easily find a job by looking up content development companies and sending them your resume.
Tell them that you do freelance research work. They probably will give you a test or they will ask follow up question.

Give them the information that they are looking for, sign up for all the free tests that they give and demonstrate the value of your skills.
Pretty straightforward of course, just like with any other kind of freelance job search online you have to play the numbers game sure that I don’t need to remind you that
for every 100 applications you send maybe a handful would reply and get back to you and of that handful, maybe one would hire you if you are lucky.

To make sure that things work out your way send out as many of these applications as possible.
That way you don’t have to settle for just a handful of callbacks you’ll have several dozens and hopefully,
you pick the ones that pay the best and have the longest contracts.
Unlike freelance writer work freelance research work is less competitive because fewer people know about this opportunity.
But believe me, if you reach out to the right companies, you can get decent pay for this type of work.

It really all depends on specialization. For example, if you’re researching primarily legal issues and medical concepts expect to get paid more the same goes with insurance other specialized fields.
On the other hand, if you’re just researching very basic soft like dog breeds or cat hygiene you probably aren’t going to make as much money than if you were a specialist.

The second (and more lucrative) way of making money as a search engine researcher

If you want to make more money in less time doing a search engine research, sign up for programs like serpclix.
serpclix is the premier platform for CTRSEO they target people who use the internet regularly sign up to a form and you will get an add on to your google browser the add-on will tell you what you need to do
it will tell you the search terms that you’re going to use on a daily basis and will tell you the result that you should click it will also tell you how to behave this is crucial
because if you just load a page and then you bounce out you actually just hurt your customer. You’re supposed to behave like that page contained whatever it is you’re searching for.

What is the downside of paid search engine research work?

The downside to content support research is the fact that jobs may be few and far between depending on which companies you go with.
Some companies can send your work on a daily basis, others are pretty spotty.
This is just the nature of the beast, there’s really nothing you can do about it the same applies to CTRSEO you’re probably thinking that this is an easy job you just install all chrome browser add-on and everything is spoon-fed to you,
that’s true, but the problem is if they don’t have many customers looking for this type of service then you’re going to suffer you’re going to open the add-on and there’s nothing there.

The bottom line on search engine research work

If you want to make money using this method you have to have several backup methods.
By backup, I’m talking about creating as many different alternative streams of income so that when you put all these small streams of dollars together it adds up to a nice pile of cash.
In the beginning, you’re probably not are going to make much money doing search engine work for CTRSEO but if you work on applying for content development research work,
you’ll be able supplement your CTRSEO work until you’ve signed the first many programs as possible.

The good news is serpclix is not the only game in town there are other CTR distributed platforms out there you just have to find them.
To supplement your search engine research freelance income, click here for my blog post on 25 ways you can make money on the internet quickly and for free.

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