How to make money online testing mobile and web apps


Among the many ways to make money online, testing web and mobile apps is probably the least understood and least popular. This is too bad because if you are looking for a fairly easy way to make money on the internet, this is the way to go.

Testing apps can be a great way for you to turn your spare time into spare dollars.

Why do companies spend money on mobile and web app testing?

Designing, programming and coding mobile apps as well as web based software applications is very complicated. It’s one thing to design a lot of functionality into a piece of software. It’s other to have that app perform smoothly.

This is very hard to pull off because the app has to perform well on android as well as IOS devices. Somebody using the app on Samsung android phone must have the same experience as somebody on an iPhone.

There’s a lot of cross platform issues. A lot of functions may not do as well on one platform compared to another. Companies pay big money for app testing because they simply can not afford to do the same in-house.

In-house app testing vs distributed software testing platforms

If a company wants to test a mobile app in-house, this means that they have to hire full time people. These employees have only one job: to test apps all day, every day. The problem with this solution is that a lot of mobile app developers are start ups or small companies with limited budgets.

If you hire somebody as a full time tester for your company, the company has to pay for that person even if there are no new apps or products to test. The company is on the hook for that person for the whole year year after year.

Also, we’re not just talking about salary costs here. The wages development companies have to pay for testers is just the tip of the iceberg . They also have to get insurance. They also have to do payroll taxes, retirement benefits as well as additional cost involving potential employee lawsuits.

If you sum it all up, the cost of each and every new employee can be very expensive.

Why do mobile developers outsource app testing?

When companies outsource app testing to a distributed platform, they don’t have to worry about hiring people full time. They just have to pay for the testing period to find all the bugs and problems their software has.

Once they have fixed their app’s problems, the contract ends. You don’t have to worry about insurance for those employees. You don’t have to worry about additional taxes or wages. Once the contract ends with the service provider, the developer can then take their app and release it to the public.

This saves time, effort and money. Another draw back to hiring an in-house team of app testers is human resources. Companies have to compete on the local labor market for available talent. This will be great if the company is based in the San Francisco area where there are a lot of tech savvy employees and potential trainees.

But if they are located in the middle of nowhere or in a place that has a very low population, they’re going to have a tough time.

How can software companies benefit from outsourcing app testing to platforms?

App testing platforms hire freelancers just like yourself on an as needed or one time basis. You fill out a form and if you fit the profile the company is looking for, they will give you access to a mobile app that you can test.

This platform is distributed. Meaning people all over the United States or even the world can participate. This enables the testing platform to reach a lot of people very quickly and get those people to test apps in a very short period of time.

Once testers download the app to their mobile devices or access the app on the internet, they can start testing. This can happen very quickly. Compare this with in-house app testers. Companies have to hire enough people, they have to train these people to play around with the app and how to report their findings as they use the software or app.

App testing platforms have streamlined the whole process. When people download apps from all over the world, they often have another piece of software running in the background that tracks their usage. This piece of software will detect if there are problems with the apps.

This makes bug detection so much smoother and easier. The tester doesn’t have to stop using the app to report the bug they found. Everything is detected in real time. Even if they are required to stop, app testing platforms make the process smooth and easy.

What are the benefits of outsourcing app debugging?

Another key benefit of app debugging is the diversity of quality improvement opinions software companies could get. When they use a distributed platform, these platforms attract a lot of freelancers from all over the world.

These are people from different backgrounds, different educational levels also different app experience levels. Software companies get a more diverse view of the usage patterns their apps may get. This enables them to fine tune the design of the app.

A lot of software companies get into trouble with their designs because their testing is limited to people who already use a lot of apps. These people have different expectations from the typical consumer. The typical consumer is not as tech savvy as people who play video game apps all day, every day on their mobile phones.

When hardcore mobile game app players recommend changes in the design, usually these do not reflect general consumer ideas regarding the game design. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. On the plus side, people who play video games on their mobile devices are very experienced with how such games are designed and set up.

They can quickly pinpoint the ways a new game design doesn’t fit the industry standard. They can also quickly identify usability issues. Maybe the game is really hard to figure out. Maybe its game mechanics doesn’t really encourage people to play the game for a long period of time.

All these feedback may accurately detect the game is not as addictive as it could otherwise be. The downside to this is when a development company relies solely on the feedback of hardcore gamers, the app that they end up producing may not have a wide appeal.

It might have all sorts of bells and whistles that appeal to hardcore gamers. The problem is these people perform only a small part of the larger market for that app. What about everybody else? What about everybody else’s needs and concernes?

When a software development company hires distributed web app or mobile app testing platform, they get to diversify their user base. This is very hard to do if a software company is based in San Francisco and tends to attarct only tech savvy app testers.

Their feedback would be secured. The company would have to try to reinterpret or make changes to these feedbacks so they can be applicable to the general consumer market.

How can YOU make money testing game apps?

To become an app tester you don’t have to do much. First of all, you have to have access to a computer or a smart phone or a tablet. For certain programs and sometimes involving certain apps, the testing platform would also require you to have a webcam on your phone as well as a microphone.

You also have to have a Paypal account. These are two essentials. Hardware and Paypal. Of course, you have to have access to the internet. But since places like Starbucks have free wifi and there are lots of free hotspots throughout the United States and other countries, net access shouldn’t be a problem.

Do you have to be a tech wizard or tech savvy to be an app tester?

The good news is you don’t have to be a hardcore gamer or somebody who just uses apps all day, everyday. You don’t have to be some sort of app geek to participate in these programs. In fact, a lot of programs specifically screen against people who are just too familiar with apps.

They’re looking for a more neutral or a more generic impression of an app that is being tested and released to the market. You do, however, need to have good English communication skills.

This doesn’t mean that you have to write like Shakespeare. But you have to communicate clearly enough with the app testing platform. Often times, they would give you a multiple choice or a star ranking system.

But when it comes to detecting bugs or specifically reporting bugs, product defects or design issues, they would ask you to write it out. A lot of this is actually extra because a lot of app testing platforms already have a software running in the background that tracks your usage of the app.

If you are swiping through the app or tapping through it and all of a sudden you stop, the background tracking software will take note of that. It then creates a statistical model among all the other app testers using the app to see if people keep running int the same rough spot.

This is then brought to the attention of the app development company so they can fix potential usability issues.

What does app testing require?

What do you do when you’re testing an app? When you’re part of the beta testing team for an app under development, you will start with a clear set of instructions. Read the instructions very carefully. Some software are not as intuitive as others. Other apps have certain specialized features.

The instructions will clearly tell you what the app is for, how you’re supposed to use it and what outcomes to expect. Once you have clearly read these instructions, you are then to start using it. This is why it’s really important to have decent English reading and comprehension skills.

Again, you don’t have to be a super genius or an avid reader. But you have to understand instructions clearly enough so you know what to do and what to expect.

Typically, an app testing session lasts from 15 minutes all the way to one full hour.

What are the different types of tasks app testers need to do within the app?

Generally, the app testing instruction will spell out what you’re supposed to do within the app. They would also tell you which of your actions are being recorded and which experiences that you may get that you would need to report through the form.

Some app and software testing platforms are so specific that they actually record your facial expressions as well as the movement of your eyes. These are tracked along with your actual tapping behavior or swiping behavior on the app to give the developers a clearer understanding of how you interact with the application as a whole.

Some platforms even require testers to speak into their mobile phone or the microphone plugged into their tablet or their notebook computer regarding certain questions. The app would flash certain questions regarding different parts or content in the app and you’re supposed to give your feedback.

What are general types of information required by app testing companies from testers?

Besides the real time tracking that’s often built into the app testing platform, you may be asked to provide the following information.

What did you like about the app? How do you think the app can be improved? Can you explain why people would want to use this app? What is your overall impression of this app? How likely are you to voluntarily download this app and use it? If you do download this app, how often do you see yourself using this app?

Do you have any other suggestions on how this app’s functions can be improved? Did you find it easy to use this app?

What do developers do with data provided by app testing platforms?

Once the distributed app testing is complete, developers usually sort feedback using a categorical system. It’s just going to cost too much money and time to have the development team collate and process all common issues one by one.

They’re not going to run out of things to do as far as modifying or redesigning the app goes. In fact, if they were to do that, the app is probably not going to get released. There’s just too many things testers can find.

Instead, most development teams use a statistical system where the most likely issues that impact the overall quality of the product take highest priority. For example, if a lot of the testers stop using the app at a certain point of the testing process, the development team will try to figure out why that part is so difficult for most testers.

Next,they would pay attention to the most commonly requested improvement suggestion. By working with feedback and tests results this way, development teams save money and time instead of going down one rabbit hole after another.

How can I sign up for an app testing freelance gig?

Signing up for app testing is actually pretty simple. I’ve listed some app testing platforms below. Just click through the links, create an account and get ready to be notified of apps you need to test. Most of these platforms require you to use a mobile phone. Some are more specific than others.

But starting is actually pretty straightforward. You just need to fill out a form. There are platforms that screen applicants based on their location. While a lot of platforms take app testers from all over the world, some restrict their app testing pool to North America, Europe, and other geographic areas.

Be aware of these geographic indications. Usually, the platform’s application form will tell people if their location qualifies. They are screened for your IP address.

For example, if you are in Australia and you’re signing up for a program that’s only looking for American testers, you will get either an error message or you will get a notification that says that you are not located in an area that is being accepted by the program.

If that happens, don’t worry about it because I’ve given you enough list platforms below for you to at least get one app testing gig.

How much money can I make testing apps?

App testing is not a full time job. A lot of app testing can actually be done in as little as fifteen minutes. For some really complicated apps, maybe the testing process will stretch to two hours. App platforms don’t always have a large number of apps to farm out to their testers.

This online money making opportunity is strictly done on a case by case and as needed basis. Also, you have to fit within a geographic as well as demographic profile.

For example, if a new app is being released that targets women, if you’re a guy, you’re not going to qualify. Other demographic factors that developers use to restrict their testing pool involve age, specific interests as well as sex.

Assuming that you fit the demographic requirements of the app and you are in the right geographic location, you will join the beta testing team. The industry average for fifteen minutes up to one hour of testing is around ten US dollars.

Some companies pay a lot more. In fact, depending on the app that you get to test, you can make as much as $100 for one hour’s work. Not too bad. Keep in mind that a lot of companies also don’t pay in cash. They compensate their testers by giving them a free copy of the app or a limited time free access to the app.

Before you think that this is a bad deal, please understand that depending on the app, this might actually be a good thing because if you can get free gems or free in game resources for a game that becomes very popular, you actually end up saving a lot of money.

Can you imagine getting free gems for a game that became the popular mobile game app Clash of Clans?

What is the secret to earning a lot of money testing apps?

To maximize your app testing income, you need to sign up to as many different platforms as possible. You also need to contact coding companies and development companies directly.

If you’re being serious about turning app testing into a full time job, you can do it. But you have to have a list of companies that would retain you. It can be done. There are thousands upon thousands of app developing companies distributed all over the world.

They all produce apps and those apps need to be debugged. There is demand for the service you are offering. But you have to put in the work looking for these companies. You can’t just go through the list of user testing platforms that I’m going to give you below and call it a day.

Short list of paid app testing platforms

If you want to get paid for testing apps, try the following companies.

Beta Family

This company offers closed and open testing. Open testing is available to the public and the apps being tested usually pay $10 each. Each testing session lasts up to an hour. Every time you test an app, you get a rating.

If your rating is high enough, you get invited back more often to Beta Family. The downside to this program is the fact that you have to have at least $50 of testing credits for you to withdraw it.

Another drawback is it takes up to a month for the money to make it to your bank account.


Ferpection has a monthly testing program which pays as much as $100. This company requires people to take screenshots with their tablets or phone and you are also required to describe what the screenshot is about and apply it into the feedback you have of the app you’re testing.

The downside to this program is that there is a minimum payout amount. You have to have at least 20 GBP in your account for you to withdraw it through Paypal


What I like about this program is you get to test both websites and apps. Each test that you complete pays out $10. Depending on the quality of your feedback, you can earn as much as $200 per month. Pay outs are made weekly.

The downside to Userfeel is that they’re not always open to new testers. You have to keep checking their websites if they have new slots open. Still, given the fact that they pay so well, you should make it a point to check for open slots with this testing company.


Testbirds offer a fairly wide range of testing options. You can give feedback on electronics, video games, websites and apps. Their tests pay a minimum of $10 with a maximum ceiling of $70. Depending on the software that you are testing, you might even get a bonus for additional bugs you detect.

Payouts are made through Paypal. But participants must have at least 10 euros of credits in their account to pull out money.


The great thing about this program is that there is no process for application to become tester of websites or apps. You just need to sign up and make sure that you have the latest Mac OS or at least Windows 7 on your computer and you have a smart phone, a microphone and a webcam.

Just fill out a form and once you have completed and submitted the form, check your email. They will send out notifications for tests that they are running. If you complete the test, you get paid $10 or more. Payouts are done every two weeks through Paypal.


If you’re looking for the biggest company in website and app testing, Usertesting is it. The downside to this company is the fact that they don’t take just anybody. You have to pass a test that runs for about five minutes.

They will test your ability to communicate as well as to detect issues with apps. If you get accepted by the program, you will get paid $10 to as much as $15 for testing websites and apps that run for around 20 minutes.

You’re also asked to speak your feedback into a microphone. This is the best platform as far as the ones that I’ve tested because everything is straightforward and it’s very easy to qualify.

The Highest paying app testing programs

If you’re looking for a comprehensive system of landing the highest paying game app testing programs, try this system. You not only learn how to test apps but you get access to the highest paying programs in the industry.

Platforms that do not pay for tests

If you are looking to just get experience as a beta tester, you might want to check out websites like Betabomb and Betalist. These companies will give you all sorts of apps to test out for absolutely free.

If you like apps or if you just want to know what’s how in the market or what’s under development, you can sign up on these platforms and test out apps for free.

The main benefit that you get is you become a better tester. It’s like any other job. You get free skills training and once you know how to work with apps and detect bugs competently, you can then apply for paid beta testing spots in the platforms that I listed above.

Can I make a lot of money as an app beta tester?

Since beta testing apps is a very informal type of work, you probably will not become rich if you just use one platform. If you want to make decent money as a beta tester, you have to hustle. This means you have to contact a lot of companies and try to get as many ten minute tests as possible.

Try to make sure that the app testing period doesn’t extend past ten minutes. If you’re able to do that and work with these companies to get a fairly decent rate per test like $15, you’re looking at a $90 an hour job.

You can turn this into a full time job if you are willing to hustle. This means you fill out surveys, you fill out feedback forms as well as allow yourself to be tracked by these app testing platforms. The secret is to get a relationship going with as many different development companies as possible and sign up to as many different platforms as possible.

You get out what you put in. There are a lot of people who would make a decent amount of money, and we’re talking about several thousand dollars a month just by testing mobile and website apps. It can be done. But you have to put in the work.

App beta testing is not a get rich quick online money making methods. Not by a long shot. If you are looking for higher paying online money making methods, click here.

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