How to sell a used car for the most money


You’ve been through a lot of glorious adventures with your car, logged countless miles, made tons of last-minute stops to the store, and enjoyed so many late-night joyrides. It’s been a blast but you’re decided that now is the time to let it go.

You’re probably focused on this key question: How to sell a used car for the most money. To get top cash for your used car, you need to: check with local professional car buyers, be aware of pricing factors, get ready to explain why you’re asking for the top range of your car’s Kelley Blue Book value, make some small changes to boost the perceived value of your car, and use some basic car selling negotiation techniques. Read below to drill down on these tips so you get paid more.

Check first for local businesses that buy used cars regularly

All junkyards and used-car salvaging companies are the same, right? No, that’s not right. And this is why it’s important to look into all of your options before getting rid of your car. If you’re looking to get the best price for your used car, you’ll need to make sure to find buyers who’ll offer you the best deals.

But what about that junkyard that’s just right down the road? That would be fast money, right? Indeed it would be a quick way to get some extra pocket cash. But you’re looking to get the best deal that you can. Keep this in mind before you take the first offer that’s handed to you. You’ve got to research.

So what should you do? We recommend finding a company that has a nationwide presence in buying used cars. This will guarantee that you’ll get the offer that you deserve. Worried that you won’t be able to get a same-day offer like you could at the local junkyard? Don’t worry, because you can still get a better deal. And get a same-day offer with one of these nationwide companies.

You should also be aware of common junkyard scams. We recommend that you look into the licensing of the junkyard to figure out their definition of a “ton.” You’ll get a better deal if you find a company dealing in net tons instead of metric tons. This is because a metric ton is slightly more than a net ton.

Know the Factors that Will Affect the Offers You’ll Get

This is a key to making sure you get the most out of your used car. You’ll need to figure out exactly what factors affect the pricing of your lemon. You may want to jump the gun and think you’re getting scammed if you get a low offer. But this may not be the case. You’ll want the junkyard to explain why the offer is so low. This will assure you that you’re getting a reasonable deal.

So what factor is going to play the biggest role in the value of your used car? It’s going to be the current value of scrap metals. This includes aluminum, copper, and steel.

You’ll also need to consider the amount of effort it will take to prepare your car before it’s smashed. This will also have an affect on your offer. Will the junkyard be able to reuse some of the parts on your lemon? This will also affect the quote you receive.

Don’t forget that there are costs involved for transporting your lemon to the junkyard. With that in mind, consider driving your car to the junkyard yourself. This will save you some money. However, you’ll really want to consider what kind of shape your car is in. You don’t want to break down on the way to the junkyard. You may end up losing money that way.

Does your car have any rust? How about scratches and dents? These are all factors that will affect the offer than you receive from the junkyard.

Very important: be sure that you are prepared to hand the title over to the junkyard. By law, the yard won’t be able to purchase the car from you if you’re not the owner. So if you need a car-title transfer, make sure to handle that before going to the yard.

How to Increase the Perceived Value of Your Used Car

Are you looking for some cheap and easy ways to get a better offer on your used car? We’re here to share these steps with you. Once you’ve taken all your personal possessions out of your lemon, you’re ready to take these steps towards the best offer possible.

Are your car seats dirty? Be sure to give them a good cleaning, because junkyards will be looking to sell them. You should also look into getting a patch kit for repairing leather. Try to remove any stains from the interior as best as you can.

The next step involves your fluids. Be sure to drain your car of them. If the junkyard has to do this themselves, you’ll end up receiving a lower offer. This includes antifreeze, gas, wiper fluid, and any others that are sitting in your lemon.

Finally, be sure that you remove as much rust as you can. This will ensure the best offer possible.

Follow these basic car selling negotiation tips

Now that you have cleaned up and prepared your car for sale, the next step is to make sure you have your used car sale game down pat.

You want to get rid of your car. That much is certain. You might even think it is a lemon. Still, if you want to get the most money for your clunker, you need to follow these tips or else, you’d be lucky to walk away with chump change.

Do not be too quick to counter-offer

When you’re too eager to counter-offer with a lower price than your original offer, the buyer might think you’re desperate and dig in for a harder fight.

Do this instead: Ask them to explain why they offered what they did. This gives you time and space to counter offer.

Never chase a buyer who is walking away

Many buyers have the ‘chase me if you want to seal the deal’ game down cold. Don’t play into that mind trick. Let them walk away. Oftentimes, if you priced your car right, they will come back on their own. No need to beg or plead.

Do this instead: Let them know about other people looking at your car as they walk away. You can also text them. This increases buyers’ sense of urgency since their innate competitive instincts are triggered.

Never immediately follow up your own counter-offer with another lower offer

This just reeks of desperation. I know the silence is probably killing you but it’s better to play it cool and have the buyer come back to you insted of following up on your own offer.

The Final Word

Selling a used car is not as easy as you think. It’s too easy to settle for low ball prices. Follow the tips above and learn to negotiate right so you can get as much money for your old car as possible. Never leave money on the table!

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