5 Reasons Why You Need To Sell your Junk Car Online


If you have a junk car on your property and don’t know what to do, read this article to understand the key reasons why you need to sell it ASAP. 

Is there a junk car on your yard that’s been collecting rust and dust since the early 70s?”

Pretty sad… and nasty-looking.

Not to say that there isn’t an appeal in vintage cars! In a way, they’re like wine because they get better as they age—if they’re as easy breezy as a fine spring day. But if your beloved car’s turning from a lovely blue to oxidized rust brown, then it’s time to learn to let go.

Car owners just can’t seem to let go of their cars for several reasons

• DIY restoration

– Owners have plans to restore their cars, but then there’s never the right time to do it

• For their children

– Parents want to save their car for their kids, but wait too long a period of time

• Sentimental value

– This could be a gift of a late loved one, or their first car ever

• Crazy ideas about its value

– They mistakenly think they will profit X more dollars than their car’s true market value if they wait a little longer.

But if you find you’re one of the people above, don’t sweat it! You’re in good company. For many of us, choosing to let go is a difficult decision, moreso for something so valuable as your car. It’s just that leaving your vehicle to rust and rot on your yard is the wrong way to go about honoring it.

Not convinced?

Here are 5 reasons to let your junk car go.

1. You might be setting yourself up for a lawsuit

Yes, junk cars are covered by tort law. It’s under the doctrine of attractive nuisance. It declares that a property owner might be held liable for any object inside their property that injures and attracts children, even those who are trespassing. This law applies to most anything that’s hazardous, including swimming pools, abandoned cars, and even trampolines.

Don’t want to get sued for big bucks? Get rid of hazards on your property! Yes… that includes that heap of junk metal called your old car.

2. Your junk vehicle can become dangerous and toxic

A rust-covered car has jagged edges that may lead to injuries that require tetanus shots or even stitches. Its leaking fluids and peeling paint are toxic to both humans and the ground on which it’s leaking. Some of its oils are highly flammable. All in all, abandoned cars are accidents bound to happen.

3. It kills property values

Surprise—junk cars devalue properties. You heard us right, the abandoned car on your lot is lowering not only property price but also community prices. Your neighbors just can’t get enough of you! If you’re on the flip side of this issue and see an abandoned car on a neighboring lot, hold a VIN search and call it in.

4. Your ‘rotten car’ draws pests like a magnet

Abandoned cars are an absolute safe haven for pests. Just name it: wild cats, feral raccoons, insects, stray dogs, and even rats may find a new home in your abandoned car. It may also attract thieves and vagrants seeking a new auto part source.

5. Front lawn rusting junk cars are nasty to look at

Unless they get you off, a rusty old car is pretty nasty and ugly. Some may even call it tragic because of all the sadness and neglect. Barring any projects you intend to make out of it, like a nouveau sofa or a restoration, you would really do well to sell it.

You Need to Let Go of your junk car – sell it online now

If you own a vehicle whose only occupation is your property and you’ve no plans to fix it, you should sell it. We’re part of a wide web of yards for auto salvaging that are primed to take it away from you. They’ll even pay cash! Plus, we’ll tow it away from your property—gratis!

So what’s keeping you? Sell it now!

Focus less on what you’re letting go. Focus more on turning your junk into cash-cash you can use to make sideline money.

Play your cards right and your side hustle cash can build up enough for you to buy a brand new car.

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